Pruning tutorial 3.

Pruning fundementals.

Cane Selection.

Cane selection is crucial to high quality pruning:

Always remember that shoots grow from the buds, grapes grow on the shoots, grapes make the wine and the wine makes the money.


Parts of the Grapevine.

A picture of a Chardonnay vine pruned to a 3 cane Vertical Shoot Positioning system

. The canes are marked by the red pegs and two, 2-bud replacement spurs (green pegs ) are correctly positioned underneath the head, one on either side.

The head of the vine has been left open and cleared of knobs and debris. This facilitates the penetration of air and sunlight into the canopy during the growing season.

The internode is the space between each bud and they should be evenly spaced along the cane.



It is good practice to use replacement spurs from the previous season's pruning. These spurs will have two canes: use the apical cane (green peg) as a cane and cut the basal cane (red peg) back to two buds to make a new spur.

tidy rowAlways leave the row tidy after pruning, with all canes and debris stripped out neatly and stacked in the centre of the row.


Stripping out.


Trimming. Do not cut off the buds.




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